Standing youth committee / Youth Council

***Youth Council Meeting***

Thursday, January 11, 2018

11am -- 2 pm

410 Wilson Ave, Tullahoma

What is a standing youth committee?

Provide information and to assist with planning, operational, and other issues relating to the provision of services to youth, which must include CBOs with a demonstrated record of success in serving eligible youth.

Local Boards are responsible for the oversight of youth programs

Who is included on a standing youth committee?

Members must include a member of the Local Board, who must chair the committee and members of other individuals with appropriate expertise and experience who are not members of the Local Board.

What does a standing youth committee do?

Standing committee's main function is to inform and assist the Local Board in developing and overseeing a comprehensive youth program. The details of its responsibilities are assigned by the Local Board.

Name Phone E-mail Professional Affiliation
Andy, Leo 931-592-2178   Andco Amalogamated, Grundy Co
Brice, Dennis 423-629-2501 5678-9  


Andy, Leo
Brice, Dennis
Choate, Megan
Delaughter, Devin
Fisher-Braly, Lorie
Graham, Derryl 
Guess, Chris
Hand, Dianne
Harrell, Leah
Hasty, Kim
King, Charlie
Lusk, Marvin
Moorehead, Larry
Morris, Pamela
Nunley, Melody
Nunley, Tammy
Smith, Bertha
Stewart, Wayne
Taylor, Judy
Vaughn, Pam
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